Act Now: Help Prevent 1.4 Million Cat Euthanizations

Did you know that “Cat Litter Odors” are reported to be one of the top...
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catio for cats

Creating an Outdoor Paradise: Essential Elements of a Catio

A catio, short for cat patio, is an outdoor enclosure designed specifically for cats. It...
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window cat litter box

How Can I Make My Window More Comfortable for My Cat?

I, your cat, would be lying if I didn’t admit we have a great arrangement...
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window cat box

How Do I Get My Cat to Use a VistaLoo?

So, you finally got around to buying me, your cat, a VistaLoo Litter Box. Now...
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window-mounted litter box

How Do I Get My Cat to Use a VistaGato?

As your cat, I have to say that the VistaGato has been the talk of...
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litter box enclosure

Are Outdoor Enclosures Good for Cats?

The answer is clear if you are still wondering, Are outdoor enclosures good for cats? But...
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cat window litter box

Do Cats Like Window Perches?

As your cat, I have to say – our situation could use a little work....
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cat window box

Do Cats Need Perches?

As your cat, I have a higher standard of living. And I mean that literally....
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cat litter box

Are Cats Happy in a Catio?

I, your cat, have to level with you – things at home could use some work....
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window cat litter box

Where Should You Not Put a Litter Box?

I, your cat, am well aware of how much the layout of our house impacts...
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best litter box for cats

Do Cats Prefer Open or Closed Litter Boxes?

As your cat, I’m independent. It’s part of what you love about me – I’m...
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cat litter box for odor control

Are Cats Safer Indoors? Yes, And Here’s Why.

By now, you have seen me, your cat, staring longingly out the window. Maybe you’re...
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