General FAQs

Do the VistaLoos eliminate toxic litter odors?

Will odors, wind, and rain blow into the house?

How often does the litter have to be scooped out on a VistaLoo?

Is VistaLoo easier to clean than other litter boxes?

Will the VistaLoo keep kids and dogs away from litter?

How to open the Vistas?

Do Vistas work on horizontal windows?

Are Vistas hard to Install?

How does it take to assemble Vistas before installation?

Will my cat fit the Vistas?

How long will it take for my cat to use the Vistas?

Are the Vistas Safe & Secure?

Are the Vistas safe in cold snow weather?

Will cats use the Vistas?

How will my cat get into the Vistas?

Are the Vistas easy to clean?

Do Vistas come with Screen?

Do the Vistas have enough ventilation?

What are the Vista dimensions?

What is guarantee?

Are the adjustable side panels and panel removable?

Do cats use the porch?

VistaLoo: The Word’s First Window Litter Catio

Getting your cat and their odors, outdoors, safely and naturally!