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How Do I Get My Cat to Use a VistaGato?

As your cat, I have to say that the VistaGato has been the talk of the water bowl lately. This innovative window cat box is easy to install and lets cats like me enjoy all the scents, sights, and smells of the outdoors from the safety of inside our home. But many people ask, How do I get my cat to use a VistaGato?

You can take several steps to get me comfortable using the VistaGato. Learn how to make this transition as effortless as taking a catnap in our blog.

How Do I Get My Cat to Use a VistaGato?

Getting me to use my new VistaGato window cat box can be an enjoyable experience for both of us. But, like all change, adjusting to it takes time. Read on to learn some steps you can take to encourage me to use my VistaGato.

Introduce the VistaGato Gradually

Gradually introducing the VistaGato is the first step to answering the question, How do I get my cat to use a VistaGato? You aren’t the only one who needs time to adjust to change.

To prime me for this new installation, start by placing the VistaGato Window Cat Box by a window close to where I usually spend my time. Do you know my favorite windowsill? That would be a great place to start. 

Give me time to investigate and explore it at my own pace because even good change requires gradual acclimation. Don’t rush me into using it. Because only feline fools rush in.

Pawsitive Reinforcement

For the “purrfect” transition, remember that “pawsitive” reinforcement is key. I need to associate positive experiences with the VistaGato. 

It’s like how you talk about cheat days when you’re working out and on a diet. Reward me with treats (and lots of them–the VistaGato holds up to 50 lbs of cat), praise, or playtime when I show interest in the VistaGato. 

For an added incentive, place my favorite treats (hopefully you can take a hint) or toy like that faux-mouse that puts me in a trance inside it to get my attention because you know you must work for it by now. That’ll be ample encouragement to get me to explore it.

Make the VistaGato Comfortable

Don’t forget that the VistaGato is supposed to be a private getaway for me. So make it as comfortable as possible. Consider adding that soft blanket I love, or maybe that cushion you constantly have to run the lint roller across like the ancient Greek myth about Sisyphus, who rolled a boulder up a hill for eternity. 

The point is to make it cozy and inviting. The more comfortable it is (and the better the views), the more likely I will use it. 

Use Catnip or Pheromone Sprays

Catnip and pheromone sprays are also great solutions for people asking themselves, How do I get my cat to use a VistaGato? Greasing a few paws never hurt anyone, and catnip is probably the best substance available for cats to take the edge off.

Also, spraying pheromones on, near, or inside the VistaGato could work wonders in attracting my interest. Just saying.

Make it Easily Accessible

If you want me to use the VistaGato, make it easily accessible. Consider putting a tall cat tree next to the VistaGato, or even a couch you know I love climbing. If I don’t feel secure and comfortable when entering the window cat box, I won’t want to use it. 

Patience and Encouragement

Keep in mind that all cats are different. Patience isn’t just a virtue for those still asking, How do I get my cat to use a VistaGato? It’s a necessity. It can take me some time to adjust to the VistaGato, while others may take to it quickly. 

Regardless, be patient and encouraging to me throughout the transition. Avoid pressuring me and reward the progress I make throughout this process. 

Create a Stimulating Environment

Also, remember that it’s all about the views. I’ve heard you complain about renting a hotel or AirBnB and being stuck with an ugly view. Create a stimulating environment if you want me to adjust quickly to using the VistaGato. 

Bird feeders or other objects that attract birds or squirrels will go a long way. The sight of wildlife will captivate my attention and get me to use the VistaGato even faster.

Pre-Order a VistaGato to Give Your Cat the Gift of the Outdoors

So, How do I get my cat to use a VistaGato? Cats are like humans in that each one is different. Several steps can ease this process to get me comfortable using the VistaGato Window Cat Box. Be consistent, provide positive reinforcement and incentives, and allow me to explore the VistaGato at my own pace. The rewards will be a blessing for me, and I will be grateful and happy for years to come.

Pre-order VistaGato to give me the gift of the outdoors!

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