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Are Outdoor Enclosures Good for Cats?

The answer is clear if you are still wondering, Are outdoor enclosures good for cats? But since you won’t listen to me, your cat. Let me explain it in a way you understand. 

According to Dr. Luciana Santos de Assis, a veterinarian, and Ph.D. in Animal Behavior and Welfare, studies show that outdoor enclosures reduce stress and anxiety, night-time disturbances, house-soiling, and more in cats, including yours truly. Even the cool cats who had been allowed outside unsupervised (must be nice…) experienced improvements in health and wellness. 

Read our blog to learn why outdoor enclosures are good for cats: 

Are Outdoor Enclosures Good for Cats?

Outdoor cat enclosures can be great for cats because they enrich their daily lives, provide the joy of the outdoors while minimizing risks, and provide a sanctuary to decompress and escape stress. Learn more about what makes catios great for your feline companion.  

Daily Enrichment

So, you are asking, Are outdoor enclosures good for cats?  You already know one of my favorite pastimes is watching birds and squirrels from my cat tree. 

Watching the world through the window enriches my daily life, but I’ve heard you talking about VR games. An outdoor enclosure is like VR for cats like me but better because it stimulates all my senses with new sights, smells, and sounds. 

Catios also provide space to frolic, play, and stay healthy and fit. I am a cat; my life shouldn’t feel like running on a hamster wheel. A catio will ensure I live a fulfilling, happy life.

The Joy of the Outdoors with Fewer Risks

Using a catio from VistaGato is also good for me because it reduces risks to both me and the environment. 

You humans forget this because food chains have been replaced with supply chains, but out in nature, it’s survival of the fittest. Dangers and predators lurk around every corner that could cost a pretty penny to treat if they get me, especially without pet insurance. 

From car accidents to poisonings to catnapping to diseases from other animals to *gasp* unplanned litters *gasp* (relax, we have needs, too), it’s a dangerous world. A catio allows me to enjoy and experience the outdoors from the safety of the indoors. 

But, again, it’s survival of the fittest, and for smaller critters, I’m the threat. As much as I wish I could resist when my instincts take over, I can harm wildlife like birds and squirrels and drag them back to your doorstep, making you an accessory to the crime. 

You know how you say you can’t have certain treats around the house because you don’t have self-control? It’s kind of like that for me. Nature is an all-you-can-eat buffet. An outdoor cat enclosure will help control that compulsion.  

A Sanctuary For Your Cat

Now, this may be the most awkward part of answering your question, Are outdoor enclosures good for cats? But it can get stressful in the hustle and bustle of the household. Sometimes, I need some me time, especially when you invite strangers over. 

A catio will give me a safe space to relax and decompress. What do you like to call it? A staycation? An outdoor enclosure is kind of like that for cats like me. 

Pre-Order a VistaGato to Enrich Your Cat’s Life Today

So, Are outdoor enclosures good for cats? Outdoor enclosures for cats are great because they provide a fuller life, much-needed security, and a sanctuary when things get hectic (you’re not the only one who has a lot going on).

To give me, your cat, the gift of the outdoors from inside the safety of our home, pre-order a VistaGato today!

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