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Where Should You Not Put a Litter Box?

I, your cat, am well aware of how much the layout of our house impacts its feng shui. Especially when it comes to the location of the bathroom. And it’s no different for me. Meow, an ill-placed bathroom can undermine the sanctity a litter box is supposed to represent. Still, it can be hard to find the ideal spot. The easiest way to determine this is by answering, Where should you not put a litter box

Read our blog to learn what spots to avoid positioning the litter box, and why a VistaLoo is the answer to our prayers.

Where Should You Not Put a Litter Box?

The biggest mistake you humans make when it comes to setting up a cat box is putting it where it’s most convenient for you, and not us. (And you call us self-centered…) 

From avoiding dark corners and closets to never placing them by our food and water – yuck – understanding where to not put a litter box is key to answering where you should put it. Read on to learn more.

Dark Corners or Closets

Us cats can see in the dark, but who wants to use the bathroom in the dark? Even with our superior eyesight, we prefer the comfort of a well-lit area when we feel vulnerable. Do not close the door on me, either. I feel safe when I have a good view of my surroundings.

High-Traffic Areas

Listen – I’m not one to complain about a smaller home. Have you seen how comfortable I am under the bed? Cramped spaces are kind of my thing. But this is one of the most difficult parts of finding the right place for a litter box in a smaller home. 

The best place for a litter box is out of high-traffic areas, which benefits both of us. I need a little zen when going to the bathroom. It also provides privacy. You don’t want my business front-and-center. It also saves us both some embarrassment when you have guests over. 

By Appliances

Maybe you think it would be best to put my litter box next to a washer or dryer, or maybe next to a water heater. Well, that is not a great spot for litter boxes because have you heard those things? The tumbling and rumbling will scare and deter me from using the litter box.  Far Away

Not to be too demanding – but in larger homes, you also need to make sure you don’t put litter boxes too out of the way. Pay attention to where I like to spend the most time. Us cats don’t have the luxury of having bathrooms on every floor. 

Putting the box in the basement or garage is not just inconvenient; making me climb stairs is harmful to my joint health. I hear you making, um, belabored sounds getting up from the couch. Imagine having to climb stairs every time you need to use the bathroom.

By Food or Water

You guys have a saying – don’t, er, produce where you eat. That’s self-explanatory enough, and I think that applies here. Some things don’t mix. 

Pre-Order a VistaLoo for a Perfectly Placed Litter Box

Where should you not put a litter box? That question is difficult to answer, and once you start, it can feel impossible to pick the ideal location. Luckily, solutions exist that provide the privacy and peace I need to do my business. The VistaLoo is the first outhouse for cats that moves odors outside and offers a sanctuary for these intimate moments. 

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