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How Can I Make My Window More Comfortable for My Cat?

I, your cat, would be lying if I didn’t admit we have a great arrangement at home. Free meals, free head scratches, and plenty of opportunities to make biscuits. But there is one thing that is a hairball in the punchbowl: I could use a better place to perch and get some sun. And the window is the perfect place. So you’re probably wondering, How can I make my window more comfortable for my cat

I’ve done some research and found the purr-fect solution from the creators of the smash-hit DogLoo: the VistaGato cat window box. This product lets me enjoy the sights, sounds, smells, and sunshine of the outdoors from the safety of the inside. Here’s what else you can do to make the window more comfortable.

How Can I Make My Window More Comfortable for My Cat?

From installing somewhere to perch to giving me a room with a view, let’s get into what you can do to make your window more comfortable for me.

Give Me Somewhere to Perch

For a more comfortable window experience, I need somewhere to perch, something at a good jumping height that has ample space for an ample cat. Some people install a wider windowsill, which could work. Others push the couch up to a window. 

Regardless, setting this hangout up near a sunny window will be much appreciated. Because then I can sunbathe and enjoy nature from the safety of inside. But still – a thick pane of glass separating me from nature is nothing but a tease. 

There is one product that’s a cut above the rest – the VistaGato cat window box. It mounts securely in nearly all vertical-opening windows and gives me the perfect place to enjoy the actual sights, sounds, smells, and sun of the outdoors from the safety of the inside.

Use Strong Screens

Still, my security should be a top priority. And, honestly, you have to protect me from myself. If the screen is not sturdy enough, there’s a chance I could claw my way through.

But can you blame me? I mean, you think you can tease me with birds *yum*, fresh air, and sunshine and expect me to resist temptation. I’m a cat – I’m not a saint. And if the screen isn’t strong enough, I could lean into the screen and pop it out. 

You don’t want me getting out or falling from a dangerous height. The VistaGato is made of secure plastic, making it safe and even dog-proof, so I can’t scratch or pop it open.  

Give Me A Better View

Also, who doesn’t like a room with a view? Putting something like a squirrel feeder, bird bath, or bird feeder right outside the window will give me something more substantial to watch while you’re vegetating and watching Netflix. “Bird TV” is hours of entertainment – it’s pretty much The Sopranos for refined felines like myself.  

Want to Give Me the Most Comfortable Window Experience? Pre-Order A VistaGato Now!

So, now I’ve answered the question, How can I make my window more comfortable for my cat? And the truth is that there is only one logical answer. You can elevate the window experience for me by purchasing a VistaGato cat window box. 

I’ve heard you talking about money. With all the expenses that go into building and installing a new windowsill, putting in a fluffy-proof screen, getting the new curtains or shades, or even building a catio, this seems like it would be the smarter financial decision. 

All the KittInfluencers agree – the VistaGato is in a league of its own. Pre-order a VistaGato today to give me the window experience I deserve!

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