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Do Cats Need Perches?

As your cat, I have a higher standard of living. And I mean that literally. I need high places where I can perch to feel comfortable and get the most enjoyment out of life. I know you by now. Subtlety and nuance won’t do the trick if you are still asking, Do cats need perches? So I’ll say it in a way that hopefully gets through to you: Duh, of course, we do.  

But I know you might still need me to break it down for you. Learn why I need perches to understand what makes the VistaGato more than a luxury for refined felines like me. 

Do Cats Need Perches?

So, I guess the cat is officially out of the bag. I, your cat, am like you. I’m a little curious, though some might call it nosey. I’ve seen you look out the window to see what’s happening. 

There’s a world of sights, smells, and sounds outside, and I’m not as lucky as you. I can’t go out and enjoy them. I need a safe space to take them in for a fulfilling life. Not all of us are satisfied staring at a closed window all day.

You know how you have a mancave, and it (presumably) reminds you of how you used to live in caves? A perch is a must-have because it appeals to our instinct to jump, climb, and perch in trees. It’s kind of like our man cave. Plus, it’s healthy

A perch helps me exercise and gives me a way to lounge in the sun like you do when you’re luxuriating on beaches. We also need a safe and private place to observe the action from above because if we can hear things from outside but can’t see or hear them, it scares us. 

Plus, I need my space, too. You’re not the only one who needs to get away from it all. A perch gives me my own personal territory to retreat to when I need some meow-time. 

Pre-Order a VistaGato for a Perch that Brings the Outdoors In

So, do cats need perches? Now, the answer is clear. Perches are essential for me to live a full, rich life. And isn’t that what I deserve? 

I’ve done some research and found VistaGato, the leading brand in feline lifestyle made by people who understand the finer side of kitty living, which benefits both of us. Because you know what they say: A happy feline makes your life divine. With a VistaGato, I can enjoy the sights, sounds, and smells of the outdoors safely. 

I’ve done the hard part and found VistaGato. All you have to do, and I’m sorry for using this term, is fetch. Give me the world and pre-order a VistaGato today.

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