What People Are Saying

It really works!

1/5/2024 • ALEXIS

I am so pleased with the Vistaloo in comparison to other litter boxes. It was easy to install, coming already assembled. I also like not having to bend down to clear out the bin after my cat uses it. I feel I’m able to clean the box better and easier because of it. Before we used the Vistaloo, we were using an automated, expensive litter box. We did not have a great experience with it, as the drum of the box would get very dirty with my cat’s waste. Additionally, since we don’t typically change the waste bag everyday with an automated one, the waste sits and continues to stink in the drawer. So we were spending way more than it’s worth because we had to buy refill bags and deodorizers/air fresheners. What I love most about the Vistaloo is how the outside air clears out the odor quickly and effectively. My cat had just pooped and when I took it out I truly couldn’t smell it! He has used the box multiple times and it does not leave odor in the box or the room we have it in. The mesh screen ensures no bugs get in either. To get our little guy used to the box, we had him use the litter box first, and then we put it in the Vistaloo. That worked really well and our cat was able to figure it out just fine. Overall, the Vistaloo is an absolute game changer and I think it is a creative approach to making the litter box a better experience for any cat and pet parent. I’m very happy with it!

Removes bad odors 100%

12/4/2023 • Sonia G.

The Vistaloo works so well removing 100% of all the bad litter odors out and away from our home, that the only things is that we actually forget to change out and scoop out the cat feces/waste daily like with conventional litter boxes. At times we have forgotten and not changed the litter in 3 days because it simply does not smell bad at all any longer!!!

4 Paws up for VistaLoo

12/9/2023 • Jennifer S.

We just received our VistaLoo and installed it - WOW! I was a little worried that it might be confusing to our cat, that he wouldn't know where the litter box went (clue: in the window!). But no, cats are smart, and fortunately, very curious. He saw something new in the window, and jumped up to explore, and went right in. Once he felt the litter under his feet, he couldn't help himself and he did his business right away, but then, guess what? He hung out in there for a while and we saw him sniffing at the panels and looking all over at the views! We couldn't be happier, and we know Teddy loves it just as much as we do!

Great for Multiple Cats

1/1/2024 • Pookie I.

We have multiple cats and none of them are allowed outside. When I saw the ad for the VistaLoo, I thought it might be a good way to give them a little outdoor experience, and I was intrigued by the idea of the litter pan that would take the smells outside. I was so surprised at what happened! The cats would use the VistaLoo for their litter box, but then, I would see them hanging out in it later in the day when I had cleaned it! They loved to just watch what was going on outside! I went back on the website, and saw there is VistaGato, which is clear, with no littler box. Now we will have two options for our cats: one for their bathroom experience and one for sunbathing!

1/2/2024 • Carolyn H.

I love this Vistagato! I wanted my cats to have the feeling of being outdoors, and this delivers. Customer service was awesome helping me figure out my user error. The CEO called me to answer my question! What other company does that? The Vistagato is a sturdy and attractive alternative to roaming kitties. They seem very happy now! Excellent product!

Easy to Install & My Cat's Favorite Sunbathing Spot

1/2/2024 • Jim B.

I did receive it and was able to install quick easy. My cat absolutely loves being able to sit in it and sunbathe.

Highly recommend

1/6/2024 • Sofi

We’ve been using the Vistaloo for a couple of months for our cat. It has been a great help in terms of saving space, odor control, and ease of having a litter box. For reference, I live in an apartment and one of the main reasons I waited to get a cat was how I would fit a litter box that didn’t interfere with our living space. The Vistaloo was easy to install, fit in our window, and doesn’t distract from the decor in our apartment.

Our cat has taken to it pretty well, taking a couple of days to fully adjust. He uses it regularly now and after he uses it we don’t have the odor that comes with a regular litter box and other kinds. We positioned our cat tree by the window for our cat to easily jump to and from the Vistaloo.

I’m considering getting one as a Vistagato (without the litter box). My cat is purely an indoor cat and doesn’t like going out in a leash/harness. This is a great way to give our cat some outside exposure time. One of our apartment windows faces a tree and he is always by the window watching squirrels. A feature I appreciate is the mesh lining on the Vistagato/Vistaloo to keep our cat safe from bugs and anything that is outside. So far I highly recommend!

Easy to install and fun!

2/27/2024 • Shannon E.

We installed our Vistagato in our home office window, and it was even easier than we anticipated. Our furry babies immediately climbed in to explore it. It has become the perfect hideaway for our kitty, who now enjoys spying on birds from a safe space. Not only does it solve our litter box odor issues, but it also provides excellent enrichment. We're considering ordering another one for a different window!


2/27/2024 • Trina C.

We have been looking for a window catio for over a year, so I was so excited and grateful when we came across the Vistagato. Mink loves her catio. She’s a smaller cat so she has plenty of room to stand sit and sleep. It’s very easy to install and sits securely in the window ( we are on the second floor). She now naps out there and is very entertained by the birds and squirrels. It’s still pretty cold here so her time is limited, but I know she will be enjoying it even more come Spring. If you’re on the fence you don’t have to be. We are very very happy with this purchase. It’s perfect and our Mink is able to enjoy the outdoors and bask in the sun while being kept safe from any animals that could harm her. Thank you Vistagato for thinking of our felines!

PS they have excellent customer service and responds very quickly to emails. They really are great and extremely helpful!

A great litter box solution!

2/27/2024 • Shannon E.

We have this installed in our home office. We used to have a regular litter box in there and it became so smelly. Now our kitties do their business in their Vistaloo and the littler box odors travel outside, keeping our office fresh. Our cat took to this right away! To our surprise, it was so easy to install. I highly recommend this product!

Absolutely amazing

3/11/2024 • Isaiah F.

I absolutely loved the Vistaloo, it came in quickly and with the video online it was easy to get installed. Even when issues arose I contacted them for help and they responded quickly.

4/3/2024 • Nora W.

This is a clever item. From the outside it looks like a window AC unit. From inside, it is truly an outdoor cat window seat. I do wish it was a tiny bit bigger and more square but so far so good. Installing it was relatively easy. My three cats are curious. One already spent part of the night relaxing in it. My 9 year old cat got this for his birthday and is warming up to it while his brother won't go in but will sniff around the door. I hope they learn to love this. It was pricey but I think worth it.

Kitties do love it...

4/29/2024 • Wade B.

Both kitties were drawn to the Gato because they could smell outside and hear the birds chirping. Cautiously they climbed in and our long hair after about 45 mins looking at the birds fell asleep! Build quality looks good and the kitties feel good hopping in and out of it. It doesn't fit in our window track perfectly but is stable so I don't have any concerns.

4/30/2024 • Elizabeth R.

My cat loves it. The only problem I have is that it leaks air. It’s great now, but come the winter. ..

Love this and it works just like we wanted

2/27/2024 • jf12volt (Amazon)

This has turned out to be one of the best purchases we have made for our precious cat. We got this after using various litter box solutions that were both stinky and taking up lots of space. Simply put, our 2 complaints are now solved.

1. The smell and stink are gone and nowhere in the house now. It gets the smell totally out of the house by physically keeping the box outdoors which is so simple yet extremely effective.

2. Lots of space is saved as this frees up much needed space in our cramped living spaces of the house.

Overall, install was a no brain needed activity as it came for the most part completely assembled. A+++ Super pleased and I put our reco on this.

What an AMAZING idea!!

4/13/2024 • Kjerstine K. (Amazon)

Do you see new imprudent, high-tech, cat litter boxes and solutions come out all the time. But they always seem to be just a little more high tech play on the same old idea. But with this kitty litter box- it is an entirely new animal…. Pun intended. LOL. It is a brilliant idea for both space saving and to eliminate the odor of the litter box from your home entirely. And it does both so perfectly AND SO EASILY! It’s easy to install and easy to clean. It checks all of my boxes, and I am so thrilled that we found it!

Fresh Air for Feline Friends?

3/6/2024 • Chris (Amazon)

The VistaLoo Window Cat Litter Box Catio promises a revolutionary approach to litter box woes, boasting to eliminate odors and provide cats with enriching outdoor access. But does it live up to the hype? Let's delve into the details.

Unique Concept: The idea of a window-mounted litter box with outdoor access is certainly innovative. It caters to a cat's natural instinct to eliminate outdoors while potentially reducing litter box odor in your home.
Easy Installation (for most): The product claims to install in seconds using knobs and clamps, eliminating the need for drilling or permanent modifications for most windows.
Fresh Air Appeal: The outdoor access could potentially provide mental and physical stimulation for cats who crave fresh air and the ability to observe their surroundings.

Limited Application: The product might not be suitable for all window types or homes, especially those with non-standard vertical windows, potentially requiring professional installation.
Safety Concerns: Security and escape prevention are crucial aspects for any outdoor cat enclosure. While the product description mentions secure clamps, thorough research is recommended to ensure your cat's safety, especially for high-rise apartments or escape-prone felines.
Price: At nearly $300, the VistaLoo is a significant investment, and its effectiveness in eliminating odors completely remains to be independently verified.

The VistaLoo offers a unique solution for cat owners seeking to combine litter box functionality with outdoor access. However, carefully consider your cat's temperament, home layout, and budget before making a decision. Consulting a veterinarian or experienced cat owner for their insights might also be helpful before investing in this unconventional product.

Game changer!!!

4/9/2024 • Hannah (Amazon)

Oh, I absolutely love this thing. Easy to set up and is pretty sturdy. Once set up, I don't have to worry about it moving. My cats are thrilled with this. The only downside is that the netting is designed to be screwed down on the inside. This is problematic because the cats scrape at it. If it could be placed over the outside part, it would be harder to damage. Even still, this window unit is so cool! Easy to access and clean.

Sturdy window box

3/13/2024 • Alison W. (Amazon)

This box has so far survived me accidentally dropping it out the window while installing it (first floor) and also my huge chunky cat jumping up onto the plastic shelf to go inside. Although out of the box it definitely doesn't feel like the most sturdy thing in the world, it has surprised me so far and my cat seems to really like it. I can't give it 5 stars, however, because the included directions are severely lacking, and also $300 seems way too much to me for what you get.

Neat window catio

4/4/2024 • A. Goebel (Amazon)

This window catio is neat. It is especially nice if you rent and can't modify your space for a catio otherwise. It is not super heavy, which is nice. This gives your cat the ability to hear, see and smell the outside without actually going outside. I was initially worried about rain, but it rained the other day and nothing got in the unit.

I will have to remove it next fall since I live in MN. Also, it is small to be used as a litter box, especially for an adult cat.


3/26/2024 • Troy M. (Amazon)

Quick shipment. Well made from quality material. Unique idea. Easy to assemble. A little tricky to set up, but once it’s done, it seems simple to use. My cats were a bit timid when approaching it. Haven’t used it completely yet, but I think they will eventually. Strong and sturdy. Seems very durable. Good price. Good deal. Very original idea. Great for cats that want to venture outside, but are primarily indoor.

Nice to see SOMEONE trying to be innovative.

3/14/2024 • Zero Cool (Amazon)

I'm still kind of on the fence about this Window Cat Box Catio. But I did get everything that I was supposed to get. Everything seems to function just as I was led to believe it would. And it seems to be nice and sturdy too. So, because of that, I have given the Window Cat Box Catio a rating of 5 stars.

However, if you are someone who has already gotten this, or you plan to get it, here's something you should keep in mind. Depending on where you live and all, you might want to make sure and only put this in a high up window or in a window that faces your enclosed backyard (if you have one). And that's because, at least in the neighborhood that I live in, I have seen a pack of 2-3 big wild dogs on a few occasions over the years. While it's pretty rare for me to see them, I wouldn't want to chance putting this in one of my front windows. I mean, even if it did hold up against an attack from something like a small pack of large dogs, it would probably be pretty traumatizing to anyone's cat that experienced it. Hey, better to be safe than sorry I always say.

Happy kitty!

4/7/2024 • Box Man (Amazon)

My dad recently moved into a very nice assisted living place. He has a nice apartment there, and one of the windows is a double-hung window that we thought would work great with this.

It installed very easily... much lighter and easier than an air conditioner, but installed the same way.

My dad's cat is very happy now. She gets fresh air and can watch the people, birds, etc. She got used to the door quickly.

Good investment.

Cute little outside patio!

3/28/2024 • Nicolake (Amazon)

If you have a smaller cat, this would work for a litter box but my two full grown cats are much too big to use a litter box in this, so I just made it a nice little patio area for them to relax outside and look at the birds! It took a couple days to warm up to it though. it has the instructions for assembly and my fiancé was able to do this in about 30 minutes with minimal issues. You will need a window that slides up and down. Overall super cute concept. I do feel like it’s sturdy enough to keep them safe.

Vistaloo is a Gift To My Cats

3/28/2024 • S. Morffis (Amazon)

Installation seemed intimidating however it was super easier than i anticipated thankfully. I have 5 cats and only one took to it quickly and the rest are a little more standoffish about it, please keep in mind that i do not use this as a litter box though because if i did i believe they would of warmed up to it much quicker, i just got it so my cats can relax and lounge in it perhaps, eventually they will all warm up to it i think. Aesthetically pleasing, not super heavy but sturdy enough, love it and highly recommended!

cat approved

3/25/2024 • indy grandma (Amazon)

I put this in my upstairs hall window- needless to say my friendly neighbor wasn't so thrilled to be up on a ladder to put the shims in -the box works great - once my cats were beyond the magnetic door and weren.t afraid to use the box. I especially appreciate the need not to get down to floor level to clean - these old bone are quite old and I baby them. A welcome addition to my hall - we'll see how it goes in frosty weather.
Stay tuned...

Makes the inside of my House Smell-Free

3/22/2024 • Rock (Amazon)

I already have it set up on the window. I have two cats. If they can go there to do their business on a consistent basis, my house should be order-free! When we are on vacation, we still use the auto cat litter machine because no one is home to dump the litter.

The only suggestion I have is to make it bigger to be truly helping the owners. If this can be as big as most regular cat litter box, it would be super great!

Nicely made

3/30/2024 • Boo (Amazon)

I got this for my kitty's as they love to sit in the window. I figured they could enjoy being a little closer to being outdoors. The product is pretty big, but fits in your window nicely. The price is a bit expensive but worth it. I hope to see more products from this company.

I love this so much!!!!!

3/7/2024 • Lisa P. (Amazon)

I personally think this is one of the greatest inventions ever!
If not to put a litter box but at least a nice lounging space.
It doesn't come with a litter box but I didn't need one. It does come with a piece of screen that I just laid up against the back. It comes basically fully assembled. The only thing you need to do is hook the stepping tray, pop the swinging door on if you'd like it to be on and push it into your window and pull the accordion shades out. I love it so much already.

This is a purrfect spot for them to do some night observing when I close the house up before bed.

I won't be using it for the litter box because my area can get really hot and humid outside and I don't think that would make for a good smell for anyone walking by.

I put my largest cat in it who's 17 pounds and it didn't creak or anything. He didn't stay long but it's still new.

Great Catio, Instructions Could Be Better

4/1/2024 • HyggeBear (Amazon)

I waited until Easter to give this to my cats. I thought installation was going to be a breeze that I could do in my sleep. It was not. I was surprised to learn I had to attach the screen myself on the inside with washers and tiny screws. Okay I can do that. Then there were gaps in the screen so I loosened the 16 screws or whatever and pulled the screen taut as much as I could and it did improve the gaps. However, I still didn’t feel confident enough that it was going to keep mosquitos out. So I went and grabbed some black electrical tape of my own and taped the edges down really well. I would recommend other people plan on doing that also. Frankly I think for the price point it should include it.

Then came attaching what they call the porch. It’s a little ledge that faces inside your house. That was really a chore because a) trying to figure out where the two screws are supposed to go from the diagram was a bit of a leap of faith in the end. Then I had a very hard time screwing them in because your Phillips head screwdriver and hand end up struggling to get any leverage as you are gutted up against a plastic support wall on the underside of the “porch”. Not well thought out - there were six or seven of these on the underside of the porch. They should have allocated more than an inch and a half in the section you have to fit your screwdriver and fingers to screw the pieces together.

Once that was done I was ready to install it into my window. The instructions show three diagrams for three different installation methods. Method one and two are for standard windows that slide up and down and that are 26 to 36 inches wide. I measured my windows to be sure and I fit that criteria. Method three was for older wooden framed windows (like I had growing up in New England). Here’s the thing - I’ve assembled probably 500 or more things and am pretty decent at figuring things out and following diagrams. I couldn’t for the life of me figure out what the difference was between the method one diagram and the method two diagram. In fact I couldn’t make heads or tails of what anything was supposed to be in the diagrams. For example in the second diagram the wall looks like it has shingles on one side. I think oh that must be the exterior wall. But the same diagram is showing the inside facing part of the catio on the side with what looks like exterior shingles / siding. I thought well that can’t be. It was absurd to the point of casting it aside and using common sense in the end. When I got confused I still went back to the instructions, but oddly they did not even cover the things I struggled with. Essentially you have to make sure you’ve removed any window screen in the window you want to install this (obviously). Then put the catio up so it sits inside the fiberglass window frame (where the window slides down and sits. Slide the two extensions out left and right to fill the width of the window. Then pull the window down and tighten the plastic screw dials on top. Well, we ran into trouble there. We couldn’t get the window down flush on top of the catio. We couldn’t figure out why. Then we realized there were two plastic L shaped pieces on top that weren’t allowing enough width for our window to come down flush. Eventually we realized if we loosened the plastic screw dials on the inside, we could push those L shaped pieces out further to make room for our window’s thickness. But it wasn’t addressed at all in the instructions so we hadn’t even realized it was an adjustable piece. We watched the installation video trying to figure out if we missed something and no, it never is mentioned. So for anyone who buys this, it is cool. Your cat will think you’re boss. But it’s a two person effort for sure. One person needs to hold it in place for safety while the other one is trying to get the extension pieces out and flush with the window casing (that was tough also but I think our windows are just old enough to possibly be a little warped from the afternoon sun). I used a bit of weather stripping anywhere there was light shining through to make this a bit more energy efficient and to keep bugs out. We also skipped using the litter box and instead put a small blanket inside for our cats to lie on when they’re in the catio.

Overall this is a really cool thing for my super spoiled cats to enjoy. I’m glad I have it and I think it’s extra solid and secure the way I installed it. I docked one star just because I think electrical tape should have been included, and because the instructions and diagrams could seriously use some love and improvement. Still an amazingly cool product - that could be 5 stars with some small tweaks to diagrams, instructions and inclusion of electrical tape to secure the screen.

Very sturdy and well made.

4/24/2024 • Nickac1970 (Amazon)

The house is fairly small. My cat has cancer so I was in a rush to get a catio. But it’s really nice. Very sturdy and you can barely notice it from the street. Good quality and I’m not worried it could fall. So I’m happy. It’s pricey but so are other ones. So it’s close to the standard price for this sort of item.

Neat window catio

4/15/2024 • A. Goebel (Amazon)

This is basically a hollowed out window ac, I really like the idea behind it. It is also great if you rent and can't build a full catio for your cat. It is a bit small to use as a litter box, the litter box takes up too much of the space. As a catio it works great, I just wish it was clear so my cat could see out better.

My Cat Loves This - Seal of Approval

5/19/2024 • Mike B. (Amazon)

I was a bit hesitant about ordering this for my cat since I didn't want there to be issues and see my cat go down a whole story from my apartment. The good news is that this is solid. You have to remove your window screen and wedge this using the window itself. Once you secure it, the catio will simply not move. My little girl has spent hours outside looking at nature with the joy of being able to smell all the things out there.

For the cat to enter there is a pet door which swings open and closed and is held in place by a magnet. Your pet is free to enter or leave as this door will not lock. There is also a larger opening which you can use to get your pet out if they don't want to come in through the door.

Being honest about this, when looked at the right angle it does look like you have a Rubbermaid storage container popping out of your window but if this is what it takes for your fur baby to be happy, then its worth it.

Nice Window Catio

4/30/2024 • Jake F. (Amazon)

Let me start by saying the cats LOVE this catio. It has good ventilation and stays pretty dry inside even when it rains. It's sturdy when installed correctly. All 4 of my cats don't get the door so I took it off (easy to pop in and out). My complaints are this: installation was a bit of a nightmare. This is a two person job. As someone who lives alone, I struggled. Someone should be inside and someone should be outside in order to properly adjust the brackets to the window frame. It also didn't feel super supported so I drilled some large screws into the catio pullouts and my window frame. Also would've been nice if it came with some sort of liner for the inside.


4/11/2024 • Rachel (Amazon)

I really wanted to get this for my window loving cats, but unfortunately it ended up not working in our window. Keeping in mind that my cats actually didn't get to use this, here are some of my thoughts about it.

- Very easy to assemble, not complicated at all
- All necessary screws and pieces are included
- There is a QR code on the instruction paper to a video that you can watch, too
- A screen that you can optionally attach over the holes is included, so bugs and such can't get in
- The door helps keep the outside air outside
- You MIGHT be able to attach one of those suction cup window bird feeders to this... I haven't tried it, but I know cats would go CRAZY over it.

A bit of a pain to set up

4/4/2024 • Niki M. (Amazon)

A bit of a pain to set up, but my cats love it. Ours is just sitting in the windowsill with the window pressed down into it and it's extremely sturdy. I am interested to see how it holds up to the sun since it's mostly plastic, but the slight downward tilt helps keep the rain out for the most part. The screen is the hardest part to put on as ours wasn't quite long enough to screw in the right places so we had to improvise.

Cats like it!

3/24/2024 • Diane L. (Amazon)

My cats love their new VistaGato Window Cat Perch Catio. For the most part, it came assembled. You need to screw in the screen and put on the door and front step. It is light weight and well made. You sort of install it like a window Air conditioner unit.

My one suggestion is that they should include insulation strips (like AC Window units). There are gaps around the unit. Air and bugs could fit through the gaps. Insulation strips would solve this; although air will still come in through the cat door. It has an open space along the top. So, if you live in a place with a temperate temperature and don’t use AC or heat frequently you are good. I live in Chicago; we are always using heat and AC.

It has no problem supporting my three large cats. My largest is a 19-pound Maine Coon.

Wish it is bigger!

3/22/2024 • Rock (Amazon)

This is a well-designed cat window box. However, it is just big enough for a normal sized cat to lie and enjoy. If your cat is a bit bigger, or if you have two cats, this won't hold it.

Overall, this is a good product, for at least 3 seasons: Spring, Summer and Fall. Not for winter use due to its coldness. Thanks

Cat likes it!

3/26/2024 • Samantha (Amazon)

The catio was easy to install and fit one of our windows perfectly! Our cat got comfortable right away and has used it every day! We live in a small space and I LOVE that kitty is getting ventilation. I also think it helps with boredom. I feel like the perch is strong and my cat is safe inside. I wish the top was clear. I also wish there was some padding on the seat (we've been using towels).


4/22/2024 • Firefly2772 (Amazon)

Easy to install. Looks nice — I took off the little ledge and the cat door, since my cats don’t understand how those work. Cats enjoy their little breezy “outside” time.

Cat approved!

3/31/2024 • Jacqueline H. (Amazon)

My cats love this. I put it right next to a tree and they watch the birds all day in it. They can feel the air and sun better than just sitting be the window.

It does cause the outside temperature to come in a bit, even with the car flap. I don’t have it screwed in so I just take it out when the weather gets too hot or cold. I also rely on window units and radiators so people with central heat/AC might not have as big as an issue.

My cat loves it!

4/3/2024 • Boo (Amazon)

This product it a little pricey but it's worth it if you love your cat. This window perch hooks into your window and allows the cat to go in and sit with the outside world without getting out. They can breathe the fresh air and watch the birdies. It can go from 26" to 36". My cat loves it! She loves being in it and when it's raining, we close the door and she can still enjoy the window. It is a great idea and executed perfectly. I would highly recommend this product.

Absolutely perfect for my cats

3/29/2024 • Amanda C. (Amazon)

Still a little cold to install but I can’t wait for them to use it. They look and sit in this one window I have and now they’ll be able to safely go outside on their little catio very secure great value

Great fit

3/16/2024 • Jeanette (Amazon)

My skiddish cat approached it after we lured him with treats. He goes in on his own now, can take some getting used to but they will understand it’s for them if you show them.

cat approved

3/15/2024 • indy grandma (Amazon)

This window catio is not quite as easy to install as the ads say - perhaps my windows are exceptional. The cats love it - they are lining up as it becomes available - even the feral mom is hooked. (She is wary; however, because there is only one entrance.; her children have no qualms.) I look forward to better weather...

I love this so much!!!!!

3/7/2024 • Lisa P. (Amazon)

This is a cat lady's dream item! A window unit for my cats. Genius! Think hollowed out ac with windows lol.
It came pretty much assembled already. The only thing you really have to do is screw the small screen in with screws and washers provided.

Place it in your window, pull out the accordion sides and tighten. Push your window down on it.
I put my largest cat inside (17 pounds) and it did not waiver. It's good and sturdy.
I love the swinging magnetic window that can be removed.

Just an FYI, since it's clear, when it's dark out, people may see inside your house if your lights are on.
I do love it, though. I have 3 out of 9 cats that have already checked it out.

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Easy to Clean

Puts the litter box at waist-level for easy cleaning. No bending over makes this ADA compliant and wheelchair accessible, too!

Image 1 Image 2

Frees Up Space

Get the litter box off the floor and into a window, out of the way, and away from prying eyes, plus out of reach of inquisitive toddlers and pets. Easily secures in vertical window (26” to 36”), and is ready for your cat!

Image 3 Image 4

Purrfect Portals

A clear, secure solution to safely give your cat the gift of the outdoors. Give your cat the stimulation of sound, sight and smells that they crave, in the safety they need.

Image 3

A Sanctuary for your Cat

We all need to get away for alone time, and your cat is no different. With the patented air-flow design of the VistaGato, your cat will benefit from a fresh, oxygen-rich environment to relax in.

Image 3 Image 4

Moves Odors Outside

Patented design moves fresh air in and over the catio’s litter pan, naturally deodorizing.

Image 4

Installs easily in vertical windows:

Align in window frame

Close side panels

Tighten knobs on the unit