Act Now: Help Prevent 1.4 Million Cat Euthanizations

Did you know that “Cat Litter Odors” are reported to be one of the top problems with cats? The toxic litter odors in homes can become so overpowering and dangerous, that sadly, many people resort to putting their cats away in shelters due to the toxic ammonia and waste smells. Because cat shelters are overwhelmed, 1.4 million cats are tragically euthanized every year. It is our sincere hope that our “VistaLoos” will help save cat lives by removing dangerous “Cat Litter Odors” from homes. Our revolutionary "VistaLoo Litter Catio” truly eliminates odors from homes, with natural air ventilation. Creating better hygiene and well-being for your cat’s enrichment, as well benefiting your families health.

The VistaLoos place your cat safely outdoors to enjoy the sights, scents and sounds they crave! The Magnetic Privacy Door prevents odors, wind ,and bad weather from coming inside your home, similar to home doors. Not even high priced “Auto Self Cleaning” litter machines can successfully remove odors. This is why the VistaLoo is a much simpler, healthier, effective, cleaner, and more affordable alternative.

No electricity is needed. No finicky applications to download. No more problems – just a solution. Not only will your cat be able to safely use their Litter Catio, but the air quality of your home will finally be safe and breathable again. And instead of scooping twice per day (industry standard), the Vistaloo is so effective that scooping is reduced to every 1-2 days!

Thank you for your time and supporting our mission of improving cat lives with greater hygiene & comfort, while also improving your life with Odor Elimination.

Creating an Outdoor Paradise: Essential Elements of a Catio

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