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Do Cats Prefer Open or Closed Litter Boxes?

As your cat, I’m independent. It’s part of what you love about me – I’m not needy and codependent like a dog. When I need to produce, you don’t need to hold my paw every step of the way. I can take care of business and even cover it up at my discretion… You won’t even know I was there. But let’s be honest – you can still help make the experience more enjoyable. 

Look at your setup. You have deodorizers, magazines, and even a phone charger for longer stints on your porcelain litter box. Many owners ask, Do cats prefer open or closed litter boxes? But the answer isn’t so simple. 

The biggest mistake humans make is assuming our preferences are the same as theirs, which begs the question: Who’s the real narcissist here? But that’s a conversation for another day. Read our blog to learn whether we prefer open or closed litter boxes and why VistaLoo is the purr-fect solution.  

Do Cats Prefer Open or Closed Litter Boxes? 

Remember, we are complicated, diverse creatures. Maybe you’d call that high maintenance, but that’s just you projecting. Because the truth is you are the one who is high maintenance. 

We generally don’t care if the box is open or closed, We just care how clean the box is. While you, humans, prefer closed litter boxes because they contain the smell, it’s important to remember that covered litter boxes can trap odors, and you don’t need me to tell you why that matters.

I’ve seen you air out the bathroom after taking care of business. So I’m sure you can understand why some circulation is ideal for litter boxes, too. We also prefer a little privacy when we’re taking care of business. We need a quiet place to go when we have to go. Ultimately, each cat is different, so giving me the best of both worlds is key.

Luckily, the folks at VistaGato understand the finer side of kitty living. Their VistaLoo is the first outhouse for indoor cats and offers an enclosed litter box that keeps odors outside while providing  plenty of space and privacy. 

Sometimes, the best out-of-the-box solutions come from inside the box. 

Pre-Order the VistaLoo Today for a Refined Litter Box Solution

So, Do cats prefer open or closed litter boxes? Depends on how clean it’s kept. True luxury is giving me the best of both worlds though, which is what VistaLoo offers with ventilation screens to keep odors outside, a cat door for privacy, and a design that keeps you from having to bend when cleaning… The VistaLoo is exactly what I deserve!

Dogs may be your best friend, but humans are a cat’s best friend. So it’s only fair that you act accordingly and, I’m sorry for using this term, fetch.

Pre-order a VistaLoo today to keep odors out while they belong and introduce luxury and a taste of the finer side of kitty living.

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