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Do Cats Like Window Perches?

As your cat, I have to say – our situation could use a little work. Sometimes it feels like you forget that we also enjoy the finer things in life. And cat window perches provide a taste of luxury I honestly have to say has been a long time coming. So, do cats like window perches? 

Well, forgive the snark, but DUH. We don’t just like window perches; we love them. Since you clearly can’t take a hint, here is why we love window perches. 

Do Cats Like Window Perches? Yes, We Do Here’s Why

You’ve gotta be kitten me. Of course we like window perches! Window perches provide us with essential warmth, entertainment, and views to make our lives more enjoyable. 

It’s not as easy for us to break the monotony of the grind as it is for you. Read on to learn why we love the window perches from the fine folks at VistaGato. 


Warmth is key to understanding the answer to the question, Do cats like window perches? We both know that when you vacation or go out during the summer, you love to soak up the sun. Us cats are no different – it’s part of what makes us the fairer species if you will.

We can’t take a trip to soak up the sun and luxuriate by the beach. And we can’t go to the pool, either. But a window perch is a tropical vacation you can bring inside for us cats. When we lie on the perch, the sun warms us, even when it’s cold.

Remember – our natural body temperature (and intelligence from what I can tell) is higher than yours, so we don’t just want the warmth – we need it.

How many cat naps have you taken after a few cocktails on the beach? How good does it feel when you wake up? Don’t we deserve the same? Well, a cat perch gives us the gift of the pleasures we only enjoy vicariously when you’re scrolling through those vacation selfies.


You know what they say – all work and no play makes Fluffy a dull cat. And that is not a fate I am ready to resign myself to just yet. Entertainment is also essential to consider for those oblivious owners asking, Do cats like window perches

First and foremost, you always talk about people watching (which sounds concerningly close to going to a zoo), and we love creature watching. With a window perch from the fine folks at VistaGato, we can hop up and watch all the wildlife outside.

Squirrels? Check. Cats with free range? Check. Birds? Now my stomach’s growling. But check. And let’s not pretend that you don’t love balcony views. I’ve heard about it time and time again. Window perches give us that same luxury.

Plus, with the panoramic views we enjoy from a window perch, the pictures I can take and upload to KittInstagram will help me show off a little. And I know that’s exactly what you’d want me to do. I guess you have rubbed off on me a little.

Give the Gift of the Outdoors and Pre-Order a VistaGato Today

Now there are no doubts surrounding the question, Do cats like window perches? The answer is a resounding yes. There’s a whole world outside our home, and a window perch helps me enjoy it. And, as your cat, is that not what you think I deserve? 

I’ve done the hard part and found the leading brand in feline lifestyle and luxury. All you have to do, and I’m sorry for using this term, is fetch. Gift me the world and pre-order a VistaGato today.

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