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Finally: A Raised Litter Box So You Don’t Have to Bend Over

You shouldn’t have to break your back to change the kitty litter, and now you don’t have to. Changing (and smelling) the kitty litter has been the biggest complaint from cat owners since people started living with cats. But now, there’s a solution that eliminates the need to bend over when changing the litter to relieve your back: The VistaLoo, a raised litter box.

At VistaGato, we’re the same people who invented the smash-hit DogLoo dog shelter, so we know a thing or two about the finer side of pet life. Our VistaLoo is a cut above the rest. Learn what a raised litter box is, and what puts VistaLoo in a league of its own. 

Is There a Litter Box I Don’t Have to Bend Over to Clean? 

When you have a cat, you’re expected to scoop the litter a few times a week – and you know as well as anyone that when it’s time to swap litter, changing it out is a whole thing

You have to carry a heavy bag of litter, bend down to pick up the litter box, carry it (and try not to cough up a hairball because of the smell), scoop it, disinfect, and then bend down and pour in the new litter. After a while, it certainly takes its toll on your back. 

But there is a solution: a raised litter box!

What is a Raised Litter Box?

A raised litter box eliminates the need to bend over when you scoop or change the litter, due to its easy and convenient access. All you have to do is walk over and change the litter. Plus, elevated litter boxes also save floor space. 

But the VistaLoo is a window-mounted raised litter box enclosure that takes convenience a step further! Not only is the VistaLoo elevated so you don’t have to bend over to scoop or change the kitty litter, but it’s also window-mounted and keeps smells outside.

As the first outhouse for indoor cats, the VistaLoo is an enclosed litter box with privacy door. It’s also equipped with ventilation screens to minimize litter box odors, so changing it won’t feel like disposing of chemical waste. 

Want a No-Bending Litter Box That Saves Space and Reduces Odors? Pre-order a VistaLoo, a Raised Litter Box for Refined Felines!

Don’t let changing the kitty litter be the straw that breaks the cat owner’s back. With a window-mounted litter box like the VistaLoo, you will never have to bend over to change the litter again. The entire experience will be substantially less smelly, because this innovative, window-mounted litter box also has ventilation screens to keeps odors outside where they belong.

Do you want to never have to bend over again when you change the kitty litter? Do both yourself and your back a favor and pre-order the VistaLoo today

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