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What Are the Benefits of a Cat Litter Box With Lid?

I, your cat, am intuitive. Maybe you’ve tried hiding your annoyance at the litter box situation, but you’ve done a pretty bad job of it. I know you’re tired of my business being on full display and the litter tracking everywhere. And, trust me, the smell is getting to both of us. Well, I’ve dug into the internet like I dig into my litterbox and found the perfect solution: enclosed litter boxes. And what are the benefits of a cat litter box with a lid? Well, they’re the answer to all of our problems. 

But there is one that is a cut above the rest. The VistaLoo is the first outhouse for indoor cats from the fine folks who invented the smash hit, the DogLoo. Not only is it covered, but this window-mounted litter box keeps the smells outside, minimizes messes, saves space, and is easier to clean and change. Learn more about the benefits in our blog. 

What Are the Benefits of a Cat Litter Box With Lid?

From concealing the mess to minimizing the eyesore a litter box can be, there are several benefits of an enclosed litter box. Without further ado, let’s get into them. 

It Conceals the Mess

If we’re being honest, sometimes it feels like you’re proud of what I leave in the litter box. Because it’s practically on full display at the house. But it’s a litter box – not a trophy mantle. 

Which is embarrassing for both of us when we have guests over at the house. But we both want a hygienic, nice place to live, and one of the top benefits of a cat litter box with a lid is that it will keep it out of sight and out of mind. 

The VistaLoo takes it a step further and keeps the “situation” outside where it belongs.

It Contains the Mess

Also, I have heard you complain plenty of times about the litter getting stuck to the bottom of your feet when you’re brushing it off. And you don’t seem exactly thrilled that you have to sweep up litter at random times of the day.

An enclosed litter box will save you that trouble. I can’t help digging into the litter before and after I use the bathroom. And it’s usually me doing you a favor and covering up my business, so I don’t really see what all the fuss is about. 

But I can see how the litter that spills all over the place can make the whole room messy, and enclosed litter boxes keep the litter contained at all times. And with the VistaLoo, you don’t have to worry about this at all because it is window-mounted and outdoors. 

It Reduces the Odors

Probably one of the most important benefits of a cat litter box with a lid for both of us is that it reduces the odors. When there isn’t, the smell from the litter box wafts out and fills the room. And maybe you get to leave the house to escape it, but I’m trapped inside with it.

An enclosed litter box will contain the smell. But with a VistaLoo, you put the odors outside where they belong, which takes it a step further, and they have ventilation panels for optimal circulation. Kinda like when you open the bathroom door to air it out.   

It is More Aesthetically Pleasing

My litter box isn’t exactly a shining example of home decor. I’m well aware. And you’ve (allegedly) cultivated a vibe in our house.

An enclosed litter box looks way better than an open litter box and can even complement the scratch posts–er, I mean furniture–we have. But let’s be honest: an enclosed litter box still sticks out like a sore thumb. Enter the VistaLoo.

Because the VistaLoo is window-mounted outside, it won’t disturb the vibe of the inside at all, whether it’s the look or the smell. Plus, this means you don’t have to bend down to clean and change it, and it saves space at home. Talk about a win-win.  

Want to Enjoy All the Benefits of a Cat Litter Box With Lid and Then Some? Pre-Order a VistaGato Now!

There are several benefits of a cat litter box with a lid, but an innovative product out there takes those benefits to the next level. The VistaLoo will keep the smells and errant litter I dig up outside, save space, and save you trouble when cleaning it. It also won’t disturb the atmosphere you’ve (apparently) gone to great lengths to cultivate.

Order a VistaLoo, so we can clear the air and get off to a fresh start at home!

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