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4 Ways to Minimize Litter Box Odors

I, your cat, would like to clear the air. As much as I love living with you, lately, it’s started to stink. Literally. And while we have a good thing going, we could make some improvements. So, I’ve asked CatGPT, and it gave me some of the best ways to minimize litter box odors for both our sakes. But there’s one solution I’ve found that’s a cut above the rest: purchasing a VistaLoo, a window-mounted outdoor litter box that’s easier to clean and keeps harmful odors outside where they belong. Here’s what I’ve found that could help.

4 Ways to Minimize Litter Box Odors

To minimize the smells from the litter box, there are plenty of measures you can take. From scooping daily to washing the box monthly to ensuring there is enough ventilation, here are some purr-fect ways to minimize litter box odors. 

1. Changing Litter and Washing the Box

Now, scooping daily and changing litter weekly is probably one of the best ways to minimize litter box odors. Not all of us have the luxury of flushing. 

I mean, it’s common sense. To get rid of the odors, get rid of the smelly stuff. Those litter clumps can be fierce, and let’s not get into what I bury. But out of sight, out of mind doesn’t apply when you can still smell it.

Plus, I need a clean litter box. If it’s not clean, I might find other places to go. But scooping isn’t the only component of maintaining a clean litter box. You should also be washing the box thoroughly at least monthly, including scrubbing it thoroughly with soap and water. 

One of the best things about the VistaLoo is that not only does it move harmful odors outside, but it’s easier to clean. Because it’s window level, you don’t have to bend over to change the kitty litter and wash the box, and there is no litter tracking to worry about.

2. Replace the Box

When I take care of business, I take care of business. Burying my waste and constantly scratching at the box creates the perfect spaces for bacteria to hide out and make a smelly home. So replacing your litter and washing and disinfecting the litter pan is also important.

This is another reason that replacing our current litter box with the VistaLoo is so important–if you even have to ask, this is probably a no-brainer. You need to replace it.

3. Use Baking Soda and Enzymatic Cleaners

If you want to get to the bottom of the smell, you must start at the bottom of the litter box. A trick you should try when changing my litter is sprinkling baking soda before adding fresh litter. This absorbs the smells without adding irritants that will harm my lungs.

Also, quickly using enzymatic cleaners or a pet odor eliminator to take care of any accidents when I miss the box (it happens to the best of us) will go a long way. 

4. Ventilate 

Ventilation is also crucial. I’ve seen you air out the bathroom plenty, so you know what I’m talking about. Putting the litter box in a cramped, confined space concentrates the odors, even if you think it’s out of the way. 

No ventilation for the litter box turns the room into a stinky sauna. But this is often the trouble with closed litter boxes. For you, it’s all roses. But the smell just gets trapped in there for me. And this is why the VistaLoo is so perfect.  

As a window-mounted outdoor litter box, it keeps the litter and its harmful odors outside. And it might be , but that’s not a concern because it has ventilation screens so fresh air circulates and flows freely outside the home.

Clear the Air Inside and Pre-Order a VistaLoo, One of the Best Ways to Minimize Litter Box Odors!

Of all the ways to minimize litter box odors, I think we both know what the perfect solution is for our predicament. Ordering a VistaLoo gives us all the benefits listed above in a single, innovative litter box. Do you want to keep the harmful odors outside where they belong when nature calls? Pre-order a VistaLoo today.

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