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Do Enclosed Litter Boxes Help With Odor?

I, your cat, have to admit that, lately, things between us have started to stink. Litter-ally. And don’t think I don’t hear you complaining under your breath about how our house is starting to smell. Luckily, there is a solution for both of us. Enclosed litter boxes are paws-down one of the best ways to help with odors, but it isn’t without its flaws though. However, the innovators at VistaGato (the same people who invented the smash-hit DogLoo) have an even better solution. 

The VistaLoo is a window-mounted outdoor litter box that doesn’t just cover the smell. It moves odors outside! Here’s how covered litter boxes help with odor and why the VistaLoo is in its own league.

Do Enclosed Litter Boxes Help With Odor?

Yes! Enclosed litter boxes, also called covered litter boxes, can be less smelly than open boxes because the lid helps contain odors and prevents them from escaping and wafting into the open air.

Closed litter boxes also prevent airborne litter from getting out when I’m digging or covering up my business like the courteous cat you raised me to be! This is a benefit for you because it makes it easier to keep the box and house clean. 

If you scoop out the litter regularly, a litter box enclosure will minimize the smell and our embarrassment when guests come over. But without regular scooping and upkeep, enclosed litter boxes can become even smellier for me, and that really stinks for me to use… No pun intended. Even still, the truth is that even with a covered litter box, the smell can still escape into the house too.

So, what’s the best way to eliminate odors? By moving them outside where they belong! Which is what the fine folks at VistaGato have done with the VistaLoo. 

This window-mounted outdoor covered litter box is technically an enclosed litter box, but air flows freely through the ventilation screens to clear the smell and keep the odors from getting inside. 

Need a Breath of Fresh Air? Pre-order the VistaLoo, One of the Most Innovative Outdoor Enclosed Litter Boxes, Today!

So, do enclosed litter boxes help with odors? Yes, they do. But the VistaLoo takes things further and does an even better job of eliminating odors. As the first outhouse for indoor cats like me, this covered litter box moves offensive odors outside where they belong. 

Do you feel like you need a breath of fresh air? Pre-order a VistaLoo today!

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