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Are Litter Box Enclosures Worth It?

I, your cat, have to come clean about something – while our living situation is fine, there is one aspect of it that leaves much to be desired: the litter box. It’s time we clear the air. Literally.  I’ve heard you complaining about the mess and smell, seen you wincing to bend down and clean it, and even heard you complain about how much space it’s taking up. And the last thing I want to do is ruin the good thing we have going. 

So I’ve done some research and found the perfect solution: the VistaLoo, a window-mounted litter box enclosure for indoor cats that keeps the odors and mess outside where they belong. But maybe you’re asking yourself, Are litter box enclosures worth it? They are more than worth it, and here’s why. 

Are Litter Box Enclosures Worth It?

Litter box enclosures can be just what the veterinarian ordered to remedy our living situation. From containing and concealing the mess to saving valuable space in our home, let’s dig into the facts like I dig into my litter. 

They Reduce Odor

Now, it’s no secret the smells are starting to get under your skin, and honestly, hearing you complain under your breath gets under my fur after a while. 

Odor reduction is one of the most important answers if you are wondering, Are litter box enclosures worth it? With enclosed litter boxes, you don’t have to worry about unpleasant odors that waft out of the litter box. But let’s be honest – an enclosure can only do so much.

The fine folks at VistaGato get that and have devised the perfect solution with the VistaLoo because, as the first outhouse for indoor cats, it keeps the litter box outside. And the ventilation screens offer more open space to air it out and reduce odors for us both. 

No one likes the feeling of being trapped in a port-o-potty with odors, and the ventilation screen ensures that plenty of fresh air can circulate. 

They Contain and Conceal the Mess

An enclosed litter box is cleaner and more presentable, and we both know that I’m nothing if not the more refined roommate in this living arrangement. Enclosed litter boxes conceal the mess to save us both embarrassment when guests come over.

Plus, I’ve heard you complaining about sweeping the litter off the floor and brushing it off your feet. I can’t help that I need to dig into the litter before I use it, and covering it up is just good manners. Enclosed litter boxes help prevent litter scattering from these hygienic habits. 

VistaLoo doesn’t just keep the odors outside where they belong, it also keeps the litter mess contained. It even has a porch step, designed to minimize the tracking of litter from my feet after I’m done. 

They Look Better and Are Out-of-the Way

Purr-haps it would come as a surprise, but I have an eye for detail. And the traditional litter box is, for lack of a better word, an eyesore. The overall vibe is another important consideration if you’re still asking yourself, Are litter box enclosures worth it

Enclosures offer a more aesthetically pleasing addition to the home. But let’s be honest – you can still spot a litter box a mile away. The best thing about the VistaLoo is that, because it is window-mounted, it doesn’t even enter your line of sight, so it doesn’t get in the way of the vibe we have worked so hard to cultivate. 

Plus, because it’s outside, it is as out-of-the-way as it gets, saving valuable space, which is important because I know you don’t like tight spaces as much as I do. 

Also, forgive me if I’m crossing the line, but you’re not getting any younger. And bending over to clean or change the kitty litter is a hassle. Because the VistaLoo is window-level, you don’t have to bend over to change the kitty litter either. 

Pre-Order a VistaLoo to Keep the Odors and Mess Outside 

So, Are litter box enclosures worth it? An enclosed litter box can definitely help our living arrangement and prevent the claws from coming out, but an outdoor litter box enclosure will ensure we both live in perfect harmony. Innovative products like the VistaLoo reduce the mess and odors by keeping them outside, are easier to clean, and save valuable space.  
Pre-order a VistaLoo today for a litter box that will revolutionize our living situation.

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