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What Are The Best Places To Put A Cat Bed?

When it comes to getting their sleep, cats can be “paw-ticular.” You may be able to fall asleep in front of the TV or even in the passenger seat of a car, but your furry companion is a little more high maintenance. Because they are light sleepers with unique needs, it’s important to be more accommodating when finding the perfect place to put their cat bed.  

At VistaGato, we’re the same people who invented the smash-hit DogLoo, so we understand the lifestyle your pet deserves and how to deliver it. Our VistaGato cat window box offers your feline friend a taste of luxury. Read our blog to learn the best places to put a cat bed. 

The Best Places to Put a Cat Bed

When determining what the best location is to put a cat bed in your home, you want it to be in an elevated, warm, and quiet location. Let’s get into each of these qualities and why the VistaGato cat window box is the perfect solution. 

Somewhere Elevated 

Generally, cats love to be elevated where they can look down at their environment. This position helps them feel safer and more secure so they can get a much-needed cat nap. 

Putting a cat bed somewhere high with a good vantage, like a perch or on a bookcase or piece of furniture, can be a great location. Still, when putting it high, ensure it is easily accessible. 

The best area is a windowsill because it is elevated and your cat can also take in the sights of the outdoors while it takes a siesta, which provides essential enrichment and entertainment. And the VistaGato can help with all of that! 

This cat window box is easily accessible and elevated, and it provides them with full panoramic views of the outdoors and the sights, sounds, and smells of the outdoors from the safety of the inside for crucial enrichment, entertainment, and stimulation.

Somewhere Warm and Sunny

It is no secret that cats also enjoy sleeping in warm and sunny places, and the sun is also vital to their health. So finding somewhere that gets a lot of sun is important. 

Placing a cat bed by a window or glass door that gets a lot of sun is a great option! With a VistaGato, your cat will enjoy unfiltered sunlight and plenty of fresh air thanks to the circulation vents to warm their fluff and keep them healthy and happy. 

Somewhere Quiet and Private

Cats need their own private, quiet place where they can feel comfortable and relax, especially if they have been active during the day. 

Cats have a different sleep cycle and spend most of their time in a light doze. This unique sleep cycle is a survival mechanism and helps them remain aware of their surroundings, and it is hard for them to sleep and relax in areas that are busy and noisy. 

While putting a cat bed in a bedroom, home office, or a quiet corner of the kitchen is a potential option, there is still the possibility of disturbing them if you have to enter the room or if you have other pets who might bother them in their sleep.

Another problem some fur parents face is that they may have limited space, so there aren’t really any quiet spaces available. Luckily, the VistaGato is the perfect solution. With the VistaGato, your cat gets a private, quiet, and stress-free getaway.

Pre-order a VistaGato, a Cat Bed That Will Be in the Perfect Place! 

If you are looking for the perfect place to put a cat bed for your furry soul mate, look no further. The VistaGato is sure to provide all the conditions your cat needs to relax, sleep peacefully, and get essential enrichment. Pre-order a VistaGato today for a cat window box that will feel like a dream for your cat!

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