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Are There Outdoor Litter Boxes for Cats?

You and your cat may have a picture-perfect living arrangement, but you can’t smell a picture. While you can leave to get fresh air, your cat’s litter box is trapped inside, and smells can start to linger. Outdoor litter boxes sound like a good idea, but what about cats that don’t go outdoors? We have the perfect solution! 

An innovative, practical product that is easy to install, and will keep offensive odors outside will freshen up our living arrangement. Made by the fine folks who invented the game-changing DogLoo, the VistaLoo is a window-mounted litter box that is perfect for when nature calls. 

Is There Such a Thing As An Outdoor Litter Box?

Yes, there is! These types of litter boxes are exactly what they sound like. They are litter boxes that go outside where a cat can do its business. But they do come with some risks.

Many outdoor litter boxes are impractical if you don’t have a big yard, and are difficult to install. Additionally, the smell can reveal a cat’s presence to predators in the area. 

Instead of having to build or install a big sandbox in the backyard, the VistaLoo is an innovative outdoor litter box enclosure that is window-mounted, and you can install it in seconds. This way your cat can do its business indoors while keeping smells out. 

What Are the Benefits of Getting an Outdoor Litter Box Enclosure?

Using an outdoor litter box enclosure has several benefits for both you and your cat. In many ways, the window is the perfect place to put a litter box. One of the biggest advantages of a product like VistaLoo is that it keeps offensive odors outside where they belong. This closed litter box has ventilation screens so that fresh air constantly circulates, and a privacy door to keep smells outside, not in.  

Another benefit is that it saves space, and gives your cat a private place to do their business, thanks to its opaque cover! Plus, you no longer have to bend over to scoop or pick up a heavy litter box, because this one is elevated. So everyone wins.

Pre-order the VistaLoo Today, an Innovative Litter Box to Clear the Air Inside!

The VistaLoo could be just what you need to refresh your living situation and keep the smells out. Pre-order a VistaLoo today to minimize odors!

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