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How to Persuade a Cat to Use a New Litter Box

I, your cat, have to admit that the litter box situation could use a change. For cats, a new litter box is as close to a clean slate as we can get. But fresh starts can be intimidating. And a little encouragement will go a long way in helping me take that leap of faith and enjoy all the new litter box has to offer. But I get it if you’re having trouble learning how to persuade a cat to use a new litter box. After all, we aren’t as easily manipulated as some species.

Still, I’ve done the hard work and found the perfect litter box that will give me a fresh start and clear the air inside: the VistaLoo. Made by the same people who invented the world-famous DogLoo, you can rest assured they understand the finer side of kitty living. 

Unlike our insufferable canine friends, we cats can learn new tricks. It just takes a little time. This is especially true with something as innovative as the VistaLoo. 

Read on for some tips on how to help your cat make a flawless transition.

How to Persuade a Cat to Use a New Litter Box

You’ve taken the first and most important step: you got me the litter box of my dreams by buying a VistaLoo. And one that will vastly improve our living situation. Now you just have to get me to use it. From choosing the right location to pawsitive reinforcement, here’s how to persuade a cat to use a new litter box. 

Covered vs. Uncovered

Remember – the VistaLoo is an enclosed litter box, and moving from an uncovered pan to one within a closed box is quite the adjustment. Getting used to this change may take some time, so removing the litter pan and presenting it to me first would be a big help. 

After I’m inside and getting familiar with my new toilet, you can gently put the cover back on top so I can experience the full effect. 


Now, we cats have a sensitive sense of smell. We love familiar scents. To get me to use the new litter box, it wouldn’t hurt to pour a little bit of used litter into it. 

Now, I’m not saying you should recycle an entire box worth of litter. I’m just saying a pinch of old litter could help. After I have gotten used to my new window box, you won’t have to worry about adding more old litter. 


We cats are the fairer species for a reason: we hate messes. Though, judging by the state of things at home sometimes, I don’t think they bother you as much. 

A great way to persuade a cat like me to keep using a new litter box is by keeping it tidy and scooping often. And this is what makes the VistaLoo so great – because at an elevated height, it’s so much easier for you to scoop. Most importantly, it keeps the litter mess outside (along with any odors). 

Toys and Treats

Toys and treats are also important to include in your catpaign when figuring out how to persuade a cat to use a new litter box. 

I know I said that we aren’t as easily manipulated, but that doesn’t mean greasing my paws a little won’t help. Toys and treats will foster a positive association with the new litter box. You can use anything I enjoy, whether it’s a tasty treat, my favorite toy, or a little catnip! 

Put toys and scatter treats near the litter box, and make sure to position my favorite cat tree nearby, too, so I can climb up and see what’s new. Then, sprinkle catnip near the entrance, and watch how quickly I come around.

Positive Reinforcement & Patience

A little pawsitive reinforcement will go a long way in persuading me to use a new litter box. Reward me for good behavior, shower me with praises and positive emotions. And let’s be honest: to praise me should be second nature by now. 

On that note, don’t forget to be patient. Let me set the pace, and don’t force me to use the new box. And whatever you do – don’t scold me for taking my time

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You know what they say: new litter box, new me(ow). But the hybrid indoor-outdoor window-mounted litter box, the VistaLoo, will transform both of our lives. Still, it’s important to be patient and encourage me to use the box for this to be a smooth transition. And, by now, you should know how to persuade a cat to use a new litter box. 

Once I get the hang of it, I’ll be using my VistaLoo like a pro – and even if not, my scattering behaviors and litter odors will be safely contained, away from your space. Either way, I hope you’ll be just as proud of me for using my new box.

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