We love VistaGato. Hear what others have to say in the reviews below.

“This is a fantastic product for cats!”

— Patricia Duran

“Moves litter odors outside! No more bending over to clean floor litter. Saves valuable floor space!”

– Aurelio Barreto

“The VistaLoo is a literal breath of fresh air.”

– George Pawsington, age 3

“This product offers a taste of luxury for refined felines.”

– Meowser, age 6

“I don’t know how this new cat window box got here, but boy do I love it.”

– Ravioli, age 3

“VistaGato has changed my life, and the lives of several pesky squirrels outside.”

– Mr. Chubby, age 4

“I do all my best napping and scheming in my VistaGato.”

– Cleocatra, age 6

“This is a super-smart solution on so many levels. Bravo!”

– M. Adler