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How Long Should You Play with Your Cat?

I, your cat, have to level with you. It’s no secret that I love cat naps. But I still need exercise and daily enrichment to live a healthy, happy life. You may be happy spending hours watching Netflix, and I’m not going to lie: watching Petflix (the birds and squirrels out the window) is a pretty good time. But I don’t have the luxury of going out and getting exercise like you. Playing with me is a great solution. But you may be wondering, How long should you play with your cat? I know how you are, so I’ll cat-splain things down for you.

Luckily, the VistaGato cat window box provides me with the daily enrichment I need. From the fine folks who invented the smash-hit DogLoo, the VistaGato lets me enjoy the sights, smells, sounds, and sun of the outdoors from the safety of the indoors all on my own. Add a few toys into the mix, and I’ll be living it up. Read on to learn more. 

Why Should I Play with My Cat Regularly?

Scheduling constructive playtime for me isn’t just a blast, but it also helps me get much-needed exercise and enrichment that’s difficult to get indoors. Though I’m not complaining. It’s a scary world out there for cute cats like me, and I’m safer indoors. 

Playtime also taps into my biology and simulates the natural prey-stalking instincts I have. As a result, this enrichment helps with my mental health, too. You’re not the only one who feels like they’re in a rut when each day feels too monotonous.

Regular playtime cures boredom and reduces anxiety and destructive behavior for me. Plus, it helps us connect. Like relationships, maintaining a connection takes effort, especially with the most important one in your life: the one with me, your cat!  

How Long Should You Play with Your Cat?

Now to answer your question, How long should you play with your cat? On average, I need about 60 minutes daily. But it’s best to break it up into segments of about 15 to 20 minutes because we’re naturally active in short bursts. 

Getting toys is a great way to play with me. Consider interactive toy puzzles that challenge me to get treats are a great way to keep me entertained and mentally stimulated. Toys and games I’d appreciate include:

  • Balls
  • Chase toys
  • Teaser toys
  • Fetch
  • Puzzle feeders
  • Scratching posts

But I understand you’re not always home and what you loved about me in the first place was how self-sufficient I am. Leaving toys out for me to play with while you’re not home would work wonders, and investing in a cat tree wouldn’t hurt either.

Adding plenty of ‘levels’ and surfaces for me to jump and climb on and spaces for me to hide is also a great way to help me get some much-needed enrichment. But, ultimately, the best form of enrichment is through controlled access to the outdoors. 

With a catio like the VistaGato cat window box, I can jump up on the window perch and get some exercise climbing in, and if you put my favorite toys inside, I can get plenty of playtime on my own. For me, this cat perch is kitty heaven. 

With the VistaGato, I can enjoy all the sights, smells, sounds, and sun of the outdoors from the safety of the indoors. 

Pre-order a VistaGato for the Enrichment Your Cat Deserves!

So, how long should you play with your cat? Generally, we need about 60 minutes of playtime daily broken up into 15 or 20-minute segments. But I get that you’re busy. After all, you have to go and bring home the bacon so you can bring home the catnip. And I’m more than OK with that, which is why the VistaGato cat window box is the purr-fect solution. With this innovative product, I can get all the daily enrichment and playtime I need every day.

Pre-order a VistaGato today to help me live a long, healthy, and happy life!

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