The Luxury Window Catio


The Luxury Window Catio

Your Cat’s Window to the World!

VISTAGATO: The Luxury Window Catio

Bringing your cat’s world to life

Purrfect Portals

Cats need enrichment as much as their pawrents do. Give your cat the stimulation of sound, sight and smells that they crave, in the safety they need.

A Sanctuary for your Cat

With the patented air-flow design, your cat will benefit from a fresh, oxygen-rich environment to relax in, with minimal airborne irritants to enhance your fur baby’s health.

Designed for your Cat, with your Décor in Mind

The VistaGato is a luxury Window Catio, made of top quality, recycled materials, in the USA! Your cat will bask in elegance that will compliment any décor.

Easy to Clean

Waist-level access for easy cleaning. No bending over makes this ADA friendly and wheelchair accessible, too!

  • Sun Bathing Comfort
  • Stress Relieving Spa
  • Panoramic Private Getaway

Installs easily in vertical windows:

Align in window frame

Tighten knobs on the unit

VistaLoo™ is
Made in America

All VistaLoo and VistaGato units are
manufactured in a plastics factory
located in Corona, CA