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VistaGato to Introduce its Revolutionary, Hybrid, Indoor/Outdoor Cat Window Boxes at the World Famous CatCon, August 5th and 6th, in Pasadena, CA

Southern California company, and the originators of the immensely popular DogLoo, bring their latest cat comfort products to address the high demand for safety-first indoor/outdoor cat relaxation experiences.

VistaGato, a Southern California-based pet product innovation company, announced today that it will introduce two new unique products – The VistaGato Cat Window Box and the VistaLoo Window Litter Box to the cat-loving audience at this year’s annual CatCon event in Pasadena, CA on August 5th and 6th.

“We are thrilled to debut our product at one of the most well-attended cat events, with guests from around the world,” VistaGato, LLC co-founder, Aurelio Barreto, said. “There’s no better place to introduce The VistaGato and VistaLoo than to these audiences at this event that is, in some ways, like Cat Coachella,” Barreto added.

The VistaGato Cat Window Box, an easily accessible indoor/outdoor window-mounted enclosure with full panoramic views of the outdoors, sits securely in most all vertical opening windows and accommodates up to 50 pounds of cat. A ventilation screen for fresh air enables cats to enjoy the sights, sounds and smells of the outdoors, as well as the sunlight they need and love, without any outside threats.

“The VistaGato Cat Window Box is a gift that literally keeps on giving for cats and their owners. I know my cat feels safer in one,” said VistaGato co-founder, John Gonzalez. “For cats, they get to enjoy all the pleasures of the outdoors from the safety of being inside the home. For owners, they get the gift of peace-of-mind and more floor space, and I think everyone would agree; you can’t put a price on that,” Gonzalez added.

Similarly, the VistaLoo is an easily accessible, secure window-mounted outdoor litter box with extensive ventilation and bug screen that keeps odors outside the home to reduce smells and improve hygiene in the home. The VistaLoo window litter box is extremely durable and comes in a home décor designer taupe color for added privacy while your cat is doing its business.

“There’s no point in pussyfooting around it; every cat owner knows that sometimes the litter box situation stinks,” VistaGato co-founder Javier Carrillo said. “A foul litter box can undermine the sanctity of what your home is supposed to be: a sanctuary. We created the VistaLoo so cats and their owners can co-exist in a fresh-smelling, hygienic environment without the claws ever having to come out.”

VistaGato will be represented inside the event at booth #200 and is offering a 10% discount for both products when customers pre-order with the promo code CATCON10.

VistaGato is a continuation of the innovation and success that co-founders Aurelio Barreto, Kevin Kolozsvari, John Gonzalez have had in the Pet Products Industry for many years. Aurelio Barreto is the former owner and creator of the supremely popular DogLoo, an outdoor doghouse; Kevin Kolozsvari, an award-winning product developer and designer in the pet products industry; and John Gonzalez, a widely recognized sales VP in the pet products industry. After conquering the dog market years prior, the VistaGato co-founders are ready to do it again. Realizing they were cat lovers, they set their sights on uncharted territory and started VistaGato to cater to the fairer species.

“We truly believe we’ve developed the ultimate product for cats to enjoy their leisure time and to do their “business” in privacy with our VistaGato and VistaLoo product line,” VistaGato, LLC co-founder, Kevin Kolozsvari, said. “Our products are both stylish and décor friendly for the homeowner and a highly functional design for your cat’s leisure and business needs. A winning combination for both owner and pet,” Kolozsvari added.

For more information about the event, visit CatCon will take place on Saturday and Sunday, August 5th and 6th, from 10 AM – 5 PM both days at the Pasadena Convention Center, 300 East Green Street, Pasadena, CA 91101.


About VistaGato – Based in Southern California, VistaGato makes innovative window-mounted environments for both “leisure” and “business” that enable cats to enjoy the outdoors from the safety of their home while reducing odors, improving hygiene, and maximizing space and relaxation.

Cat lovers can learn more about VistaGato and pre-order both products using the promo code CATCON10 at or email us at

Media Contact: Kevin Kolozsvari
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